Spring is here and it’s always a good time to get those dreads tidy

Booking for May/June/July. Happy time of Rebirth and New Beginings to all!  Loc Doctor Liz

For now Appointments can only be made via Online Appointment Scheduler

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Hello again Dreadpeople!  Well Tomorrow is the official Big Surgery Day and I am really ready to get this done and over. Over the next 2 weeks I will be on Bed Rest then another 4 weeks to be back on my feet full time. That puts us at the First Week of September for resumed activity in the Loc Doctor Studio.  

Until after September,  Appointments can only be made via the Online Appointment Scheduler

*found on the Home Page of  www.DreadlockStudio.com  website.

As always I will answer your Dread Questions as I can on our Text Line (512-461-0091), but please withhold requests for Dread Services and estimates for when I am back in September.  During this time  I am suspending responding to Text Messages for all appointment requests, and ask that appointment requests for New Dread Installs wait until after September to contact me.


Thanks for all the support and I look forward to serving you well into the future,

Loc Doctor Liz – Peace, Love & Locs

Latest update and resumed scheduling

Hello, I was overwhelmed with the love and caring from everyone during this time of, what I like to call, Strength Building Presently Im still pretty shakey and physically weak but I expect that to go away soon. THEN, in @ 3 weeks I will have the surgery to remove the tumor and my uterus, yay Fun, not. Honestly nothing could prepare a person to go through all this and be just fine immediately. Im speaking from the heart here. I cant tell you how much the flowers and cards i received from Clients and friends meant. My favourite was a handmade card from Cathy Setzer. You guys Rock!

So, I’ve reopened the books to get some people in before I am scheduled for this coming surgery. These appointments are weekday only, as the weekends are already booked into August presently. If you want to get in please text your request to 512-461-0091 as usual. First come First served  NOTE: By the time I published this only two immediate appointments are left.

Houston, we have a problem…

Hello Dreadpeople – I need to share a personal situation with you all because I have had something come up that has eclipsed my ability to keep up with all the messages and appts for Loc Doctor Studio for a little while. Last week I was finally diagnosed with a large tumor that has been growing inside my stomach for some years and has been causing many health issues in my life. While this is not looking malignant it is making me pretty sick and will require surgery to remove. Adding to my troubles is the concern for the clients I cannot be there for at this time. I will respond to the messages once I know when I can be back to work and I apologize to those who had to be rescheduled. I have put my clients needs before my own many times, but this is just not possible right now. While I am going through this I ask for your patience, understanding, and support. I will post again as things progress and I feel up to it, and do not worry I will be back to take care of all your dreads ASAP. Peace, Love, and Locs – Loc Doctor Liz

Enchanted Cedar

Hello DreadPoeple,

We wanted to give ya a Dreadhead’s up about Enchanted Cedar. They are friends and clients of the Loc Doctor Dreadlock Studio and we are taking this oppurtunity to recognize them as like minded great people! If ya have a chance stop in, we definitely recommend it!

Peace, Locs and Love!

Pricing changes

Here at the studio we have and continue to offer the most reasonable prices we can on everything from shampoo to Dread services. At the same time we need to adjust with the increasing costs of the world to cover our rears. Due to this we will be increasing our prices just a bit.

Here is a look at what our new rate structure will be. Please keep in mind, even though yes the prices have increased slightly, you will still have 2-3 of us working on your dreads at once. This helps in a few different areas, one being less time in the chair for you, but the same great quality service.

As of JAN 2014

Maintenances: are @ $25 more , expect to pay: $100-150 for routine maint. under 2 hours.

Installs, Repairs & Dread Extensions costs vary too much to list exact pricing.

if you have any questions the best way to contact us is by txt at (512)461-0091.

Peace, Love & Locs,
Liz, Snyder, & Casey

Bastrop, TX – The New Location, Housecalls in Austin now available

This is BIG news…  After reaching the limits of growth at our South Austin location our journey for a better home/studio has landed us just 25 miles east of Austin in the Lost Pines Forest of Bastrop, Tx.  It is a beautiful place to be working from and we look forward to sharing the amazing views from our hilltop home/studio with you.

For some clients we are offering Housecalls- we bring the studio to you!    Limited  Area. Travel fee applies.  Other limitations apply. Inquire for more details.

Text Loc Doctor Liz at 512-461-0091 with questions or to schedule an appointment

It may take a few months to make updates, so please disregard any address listed that hasn’t been updated to Bastrop, Tx. The new owner at the old place is a good sport, but I hope not too many people wind up there by mistake.



Now Accepting New Clients and Booking for 2014

Hello DreadPeople! With the big move of our home & studio behind us, the hold on booking lifted. Hallelujah! :) Now that we are settled in and back to normal our schedule has availability from January on. Contact us for questions or appointment requests by TEXTING Loc Doctor Liz at 512-461-0091


Booking is temporarily suspended – Loc Doctor Studio will have a new location soon.

I am posting to bring the good news: as of  mid September we are deep in the midst of packing, painting, and moving on up and out of our little studio/home.  During this time I have put booking on hold.  If you are one of the many whose message hasn’t been returned please know that I will be booking again once we are settled and ready for business.  Until then we plan to be seeing our presently scheduled appointments at the Dillionhill Studio, which is looking different everyday as we get things packed and off the walls.  We are still in negotiations on the new place, so I will post again once we can officially announce where and when the new Loc Doctor Studio location will be.  Fingers crossed – you will all LOVE IT and feel like rockstars coming there.   Many Blessings to you and yours, LDL

Studio News – Summer 2013

We should all get gold medals for having dreadlocks and surviving through another Texas Summer. For real!

Hello Dreadpeople – Loc Doctor Liz here, or as I have been becoming shortened to LDL as of late.  We are still right here in South Austin, doing what we do in our little studio.  I haven’t made a post in a while.  Over the last year I was out for a lot of time recovering from surgeries, but now I am better than ever and been super busy seeing to the hair needs of our Dreadpeople and chasing around Alexandra, who is now almost 4, and my free time is in such short supply that I kind of put the website and other Good Business Owner stuff on the back burner.   Funny how kids will change everything about how our lives run. Anyway, one day I hope to post more regularly like before with cute little Dread tips and deep thoughts. Maybe I’ll even get with it on FaceBook! WOOOOOO!  For now we are only a text message away 512-461-0091 with answers to your dread questions or to set up an appointment.  As always, there is usually a 2 week or more wait to get in.  I’m a little afraid that when I do “get with it” on Facebook that will be more like a 2 month wait at all times, so maybe it is a good thing I’m not so technologically wired. ;) LDL