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Let's Get Dready!

    Welcome to a place where your Wildest Dreams of Dreadlocks can come true

Can't come to us? Housecall Services Available*

Let's Get Dready!

    Welcome to a place where your Wildest Dreams of Dreadlocks can come true

Can't come to us? Housecall Services Available*

In a community of individuals

Healthy Dreads are Happy Dreads

   Go ahead…get dready!  If you’re looking for ideas on how to have healthier natural dreadlocks, access to professional services, classes, tools  & supplies  you've  come to the right place. 

Who does your Dreads...and how?

Loc Doctor Liz & Associates go far beyond to make your Dread Dreams come true. Using the Loc Doctor method, which are techniques and products that focus on keeping dreads healthy and flourishing. We welcome ALL types of hair and are not afraid of repair challenges. How can we help you? 

Dreaducation Classes

Ever wanted to know how to do your own maintenance or style your dreads in wonderful ways that actually stay up? Or are you a professional stylist looking to gain practical knowledge and some hands on training? Maybe even become a certified Loc Doctor Associate and join our ranks in making a difference. Whatever your aim, we got you!

The Loc Doctor story

For the Love of Hair and Humanity

 Helping your fellow tangled human. It really is much more than being a hairdresser specializing in dreadlocks. It’s a way of uniting people as Community. More than a hairstyle, a common thread between cultures that spans all over the globe...and what a fun community at that!  

This is why I travel and learn from different cultures their techniques for creating hairstyles both traditional and non-traditional. From this perspective hair becomes a form of wearable art and way of representing oneself or tribe.  I personally adore this as a part of our Humanity and what makes the world fascinating.

Lessons from the past that should bring us together

        Archaeology and Anthropology...According to what has been found on mummies of Ancient People from many parts of the world, hair in Woven or Locked form was one of the earliest hairstyles and represented in many different ways across cultures. You might say it's the most natural  hairstyle of all!     

Hello there, I'm Loc Doctor Liz, I started my career in the early 90's as a Licensed  Cosmetologist in Austin, Texas. I came from punk rock roots where we dyed our hair with Kool-Aid and used used Knox gelatin to keep our Mohawks up. Being an individual and refusing to let society dictate ones being was our anthem. I formed a silent protest through helping people achieve their individuality...well, through their hair at least.  

I was bored with doing "regular hair" and had achieved recognition in the hairdressing world for being forward thinking. I wanted to take it to the next level and really challenge myself. I was about to start a journey that was more than my own...

Not afraid to have a big heart and go places with it

Especially when it  means standing up for something that is hurting people. Im talking about more than just the way bad dread techniques hurt. It’s about healing the divisions that  are hurting us.   

Wanting to master Dreads was an easy transition away from working as a traditional hairstylist. I wanted to make it more acceptable in conventional society to have whatever form of hairstyle  a person wants. I believe people should be free to wear their hair any way they want AND have it taken care of properly.

I learned early into my career  that there was very little professional help or knowledge being shared between different cultures and types of hair out there. Not enough was being done about it to change. I wanted to make a difference in this by understanding how to work with all hair textures and feel fortunate to get to travel and have been welcomed to learn in various cultures their traditional haircare. It wasn't the normal to share this knowledge but I was accepted for my heart and having a passion for wanting to learn.

 I also wanted this to be recognized as a division of Hairdressing that we, as stylists, need proper education. To qualify our services and promote safe practice of techniques that can otherwise be damaging without proper training.  This was a grey area in Cosmetology and still is.  The Journey continues...

 I became a hairdresser to do amazing things with hair and help people feel good about themselves. All people. Not just ones with hair like my own. To make available better services, quality products. and education to share the knowledge.  That is the story behind Loc Doctor Liz and why I keep it going into the future through  Loc Doctor Studio. As always- Peace Love and Locs!

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