All the important  picky little details 

Consultations, Estimates & Deposits

Standard Consultation is free - @15 minutes

-Required for ALL new clients booking online. 

Extended Consultation- 1 hour- not free but the fee applies to service total. There is a charge for the amount of time involved in Extended consultations which will be credited upon completion of service.

Deposits & Refunds

-The fee for any consultation is considered a Deposit.

-All Deposits go toward service or supplies.

- Some services require an additional Deposit. Determined upon consultation. 

-The Deposit covers you for costs for product purchased

- not to mention if you cancel with short notice we are out an entire day or two of work. 

- We would prefer not to keep your deposit and receive enough notice to give your appointment to someone who is waiting. 

-Refund Policy - 48 hour cancellation notice 


- but that's not going to happen so the Deposit will be applied to your total on the day service is complete and everyone is a happy camper!


We will give the most accurate range of cost when giving an estimate. An Estimate is an educated guess and not an agreed price. 

-THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT: *Some appointment times and costs are extended due to unforeseeable work involved. If we run into a situation that requires more than estimated, it will be discussed with you before continuing. In other words; we aren't going to run a bill up then blindside you with it at the end of the work. Sometimes we run into this situation as it can be hard to see all the issues beforehand. We will stop and talk to you about it and let you decide what to do. This applies to all of our work.

All work is subject to approval by Stylist upon evaluation in person at time of service. 

Dread Maintenance

For planning purposes - Alow for 3 hours to go over entirely.  Faster If an assistant is available. 

  -Please mention at start of appointment If needing to be done by a specific time


Premium Services

Dread Repairs, Housecalls, Installs & Extensions are considered Premium Services and require an Extended consultation to discuss or give estimate. 

ATTN: Be aware that some of these services take more than one session and it's in your best interest that we thoroughly discuss to plan for scheduling. Therefore an Extended Consultation is required.

- The fee for this consultation is considered a Deposit.

- All Deposits go toward service. 

Dread Extensions & Custom Hairpieces

Extension Info 

 Whats your goal?

-Temporary - lasts @ 2 weeks

-Semi-permanent - @ 2-3 months

-Permanent - meant to stay in at least a year

Do you need:

- a few to fill in or for dramatic effect

-add ornamentation or a pop of color

-half or all over the head to add length and volume instantly

 Got extensions and just need them installed? Of course we can do that.

-We can reattach your own

-what you bring in*

-recommend where to find good premades

-or create in our studio. custom 

extensions or hairpieces of all types.

*Human hair recommended  

-This work is limited to one 6 hour session  per day. It can require multiple sessions to complete.


- PLEASE NOTE- On prefabricated Custom Extensions or Hairpieces.  Artisan quality work takes time. Our studio gets backed up. Order at least 10weeks in advance to receive by date needed.

- in some cases we will require a  deposit that covers for the costs of product purchased



 - VERY IMPORTANT!! All Housecall bookings are PENDING until verified with the stylist when booking online and REQUIRE payment BEFORE Appointment is complete. Acceptance of Suitable conditions will be on the discretion of stylist. Loc Doctor Studio reserves the right to cancel upon arrival for any reason. 

All first time Housecalls require a free consultation. You may book an appointment online but IT IS NOT CONFIRMED WITHOUT CONSULTATION 

Dread Spa Services

-Housecall Services NOT available for this service 

- Must be at one of our studio locations because we need a proper shampoo station for this service

-Exceptions may be made by stylist approval in certain cases. 

-Consultation Required for all new clients. 

 -Dreads may take hours after this service to dry completely. Be prepared to go home with damp hair.


Classes for the Masses

As a way of thanking our clients we offer low cost clinics and add on classes to make the most out of their Dreads.


-Classes can be customized to focus on your interest. 

-an hour minimum. additional hours of instruction available.

-In studio or at your location for a Travel Fee. This can be discussed during consultation. 

 Good to know: *Maximum class size is 3 people. We can learn more in a smaller group.

 -Discount given when booked as group of 3. 

-Q& A Session time extended at end of class when this is a group class. 

Dreaducation Classes for Professional Stylists

A great introduction to working with dreadlocks as a professional hair service.

  -There will be a 45minute break with Lunch provided.

-Due to its specialized nature an Extended Consultation is required prior to confirming online booking dates for this class.

 -Maximum Class size: 3. 

 Discount given when booked for group of 3. Details on this can be discussed during consultation. 

If you find you don't mind hard work when its giving back so much, join the forces of Loc Doctor Studio. In our Associate Program. We save Dreadlocks daily!

 Alright, alright I may be getting carried away but who knows. I just want to share the knowledge of how to make happy, healthy dreadlocks with anyone that wants to learn. 

There are certainly worse jobs out there.

Loc Doctor Associate Program

- Nothing like a full day immersion into the world of serving the Tangled Masses

- Consider this an apprenticeship opportunity to seriously learn and work with Dreadlocks.

- More than an opportunity to expand your hairdressing knowledge, this is a chance to grow your business in rewarding directions.

- Loc Doctor Associates - receive continued education, support, travel opportunities, and referrals upon completion of training.

 ATTN: Potential DreadWorkers - *legalities for DreadWorkers/Loctitians and licensing requirements vary by state. You must understand your local laws before engaging in this as an occupation to avoid any issues if pursuing for employment.